From Mockup to Code

Describe your web app and AI creates it for you

Turn web app ideas into real frontend design easily with Semicode. No coding required.

  • 70% faster than manual coding.
  • Live preview as you design.
  • Export code in React or HTML.
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Instant Component Generation

Transform ideas into ready-to-use web components instantly. With Semicode, simply describe the element you need, and our AI instantly generates it for you. It’s design and development at the speed of thought, freeing you from the constraints of manual coding.


Interactive Design Adjustments

Fine-tune your designs with real-time feedback. Semicode’s interactive adjustment tool allows you to make changes to your components on the fly, ensuring they perfectly match your vision. Adjust layouts, colors, and more with simple commands.

Integrated Code Editor for Customization

Tailor your project with precision. Semicode's built-in code editor lets you apply custom tweaks and add advanced features effortlessly, all from one user-friendly platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Semicode apart from typical development tools?

Semicode stands out by allowing users to generate web app frontend components using AI and natural language processing. Unlike traditional tools that require extensive coding, Semicode simplifies the development process, making it accessible and efficient for developers of all skill levels.

Do I maintain control over my project's frontend code with Semicode?

Yes, Semicode ensures you have complete control over your project's code. Even though it automates the initial creation process, you're free to refine and customize your frontend using our intuitive code editor, blending automation with customization.

Can beginners use Semicode effectively?

Absolutely. Semicode is designed to be user-friendly for beginners, enabling them to bring web app ideas to life without needing deep coding knowledge. It's also powerful enough for experienced developers to significantly speed up their workflow.

How does Semicode facilitate the design-to-code transition?

Semicode streamlines the transition from design to code by translating natural language descriptions into ready-to-use frontend components. This eliminates the traditional back-and-forth between design and development, making the process more seamless.

Is Semicode suitable for rapid prototyping?

Yes, Semicode is ideal for rapid prototyping. It allows you to quickly create and iterate on frontend components, enabling fast visualization of web app designs and facilitating a more agile development process.

Can I export the code from the design components generated by Semicode?

Yes, with Semicode, exporting code is straightforward and efficient. After generating your design components using our AI-driven platform, you can easily export the code in popular formats such as HTML or React. This feature ensures a smooth transition from design to development, allowing you to integrate your creations into your projects seamlessly.